Our Network

We are one entity comprised of five different research groups, from leading orthopaedic institutions in Central, Eastern, and Atlantic Canada. We seek to recruit other centres from the West so that we can truly be a national network.
“The safest and longest lasting orthopaedic medical devices for all”


To provide excellence in RSA clinical research through centralized management and standardized methodologies while collaborating with academic healthcare institutions, government, and industry. Further, to evaluate orthopaedic medical device safety and effectiveness for Canadian patients. Finally, to advocate RSA as a vital diagnostic in clinical orthopaedics and in the regulatory approval of medical devices and to advance RSA science and technology in Canada.


  • Provide high-quality clinical RSA trial management services to industry, academia, and government in the evaluation of orthopaedic medical devices and surgical techniques
  • Create an efficient, centralized point of access for multi-centre RSA research in Canada
  • Expand a national network to conduct innovative RSA research through grants, partnerships and collaborations with healthcare institutions and academic centres of excellence in Canada
  • Assist in the provision of world-class, standardized, independent data collection, analysis, and interpretation following quality assurance benchmarks set out in recognized international quality standards
  • Support all orthopaedic surgical subspecialties through the application of RSA technology
  • Form working partnerships with international RSA organizations to advance RSA technology and awareness in orthopaedics
  • Provide training of highly qualified personnel in RSA science
  • Advocate RSA clinical evaluation of medical devices to regulatory bodies, industry, and healthcare policy makers
  • Knowledge translation of RSA research and advancements to regulatory agencies, industry, government, academia, and healthcare institutions globally

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