Board & Advisory Committee

The Canadian RSA Network is a not-for-profit entity made up of a board and advisory committee:

Board & Officers
Dr. Mike Dunbar – Chair (Halifax, NS)
Dr. Glen Richardson – President (Halifax, NS)
Elise Laende – VP Academic (Halifax, NS)
Martin Petrak – VP Industry (Winnipeg, MB)
Dr. Eric Bohm – Chief Medical Officer (Winnipeg, MB)
Trevor Gascoyne – Treasurer & Secretary (Winnipeg, MB)
Dr. Doug Naudie – London Surgical Rep (London, ON)
Dr. Martin Lavigne – Montreal Surgical Rep (Montreal, QC)

Advisory Committee*
Trevor Gascoyne – Advisory committee chair and RSA manager (Winnipeg, MB)
Dr. Matthew Teeter – Physics and Imaging (London, ON)
Dr. Pascal-Andre Vendittoli – Medical and Surgical Review (Montreal, QC)
Dr. Tom Turgeon – Medical and Surgical Review (Winnipeg, MB)
Chad Munro – For-Profit Business (Halifax Biomedical Inc., Mabou, NS)

*Presently, not finalized