Halifax Biomedical Inc. (Mabou, NS)
President: Chad Munro
• Providing analysis of RSA images in a standardized format
• Trained, certified personnel with extensive experience in marker-based and model-based RSA.
• Certified by ISO 9001: quality management system standard.
• Providing technical support for the RSA suites at all participating centres.

International Clinical RSA Research Network
An international, Europe-based RSA Network with the goal of improving the quality of clinical radiostereometry research by sharing knowledge between research groups with different levels of expertise. This Network is made up of numerous research groups in Europe and Canada:
• Oslo, (Norway)
• Gothenburg, Lund (Sweden)
• Holstebro, Arhus (Denmark)
• Leiden (The Netherlands)
• Oxford (United Kingdom)
• Bologna (Italy)
• Halifax, NS (Canada)